BHUNGROO – An Invention that addresses Water & Food Security

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An Invention that addresses Water & Food Security
Change Maker of India, Founder & Innovator Biplab Ketan Paul
Ahmadabad, Gujarat

MOSAICQUE Magazine in its August 2015 edition is honoured to feature an ASHOKA INNOVATOR, the “Change Maker of India” Biplab Ketan Paul, whose invention “BHUNGROO” addresses the water and food security issue in the most economical and ecofriendly way. The word “Bhungroo” literally means “a straw” in Gujarati – is a water invention that assists in safeguarding the underground water reservoir table by storing excess rainfall water, lessening the damaging effects of salt deposits on soil, frees land of water logging and provides access to fresh water. Enclosed is the write-up about the innovation and the inventors view points for your reading:

1. How did the idea of Bhungroo came about?
In my childhood, in West Bengal I saw devastation of flood and in my late twenties I observed the issues related to paucity of water and severe drought in Gujarat state. These two diametrically opposite phenomenon convinced me the strength and power of water. It was also an eye-opener for me to understand the human follies and its impact on nature.
In that context, I endeavoured to find a solution which can assist mother earth to help her children. And in that process I have followed simple principle of nature to learn basic natural science (I am a student of Humanities) more and design new methods. The output is the unique irrigation technology named as Bhungroo. Now nothin