Women Scientist of Americas – their inspiring stories

Women Scientist in Americas front page

This book was developed by the efforts of Women for Science Program of the Inter American Network of Academies of Science (IANAS) to share the journey’s of 16 extraordinary women scientist of Americas as to how and why they choose science as their career.

IANAS & IAP’s goal is to encourage young women to think of science as they evaluate their own future opportunities. The Science Academies of the Americas are committed to the ideal of equal opportunities for women in the scientific endeavor. The goal of the IANAS Women for Science Program is to encourage gender equity among their member Science Academies.

Enclosed are few quotes by the featured Women Scientist:

“I am convinced that it is important for women to participate in all human activities and not to be excluded from them. For example in my discipline there were women who made significant contributions, and were only able to do so by assisting their husband or brothers, since they were not allowed to carry out their work freely. Only a few of them were recognized, and this was done belatedly. I consider that those women that are interested in scientific research should have similar opportunities as men”

“I made the best decision in my life, because biological research is an inspiring recreation of Nature” ~ Monica Moraes, Bolivia

“Women are more intuitive, which […] is an important characteristic for science” ~ Mayana Zatz, Brasil

“My parents made me feel I could achieve whatever I wanted; the sky was the limit” ~ Marla B. Sokolowski, Canada

“Being a scientist does not conflict with feminine values; you can be a mother, a housewife and glamorous!”~ Grace Sirju Charran, Carribean

“It is quite awe-inspiring to gaze at that wonderful dark sky, but even better to actually know what you are looking at…”~Maria Teresa Ruiz, Chile

“It is worth trying to change the world through your work.”~ Angela Restrepo Moreno, Colombia

“I dreamed of becoming an astronomer or astronaut, under the influence of the novels of Jules Verne…”~Maria G. Guzman, Cuba

“Science is about data, perseverance, discipline and often about love, and women know a lot about all this.” ~ Idelisa Bonnelley, Dominican Republic

“The most important thing is to devote yourself to what you like best, regardless of the pay or recognition, because this will come if you do your work with passion.”~ Eugenia Kalnay, United States of America

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