The greater Indian Ocean region has become the epicenter of global economic growth and trade — and now is the time for India to capitalize on this fortunate geography. This will not happen on its own. More connectivity must be India’s strategy.

This is the principal lesson of my new book CONNECTOGRAPHY. The world only takes connected powers seriously. India must massively expand its trade and investment ties with Africa, Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia, both to grow its economy as well as to stabilize tense regional relations.

In Connectography, I write about the re-emergence of the Grand Trunk Road from Kabul to Kolkata, the IPI gas pipeline from Iran, the BCIM corridor to southern China, and the new Maritime Silk Road across the Indian Ocean as pillars of India’s growing infrastructural connectivity. I also highlight India’s new emerging commercial hubs from Ahmedabad to Hyderabad as examples of how cities are the crucial anchors of connecting societies to lucrative global supply chains.

The 21st century will be multipolar, multi-civilizational, and highly complex. To navigate it wisely Indians should utilize the new maps of power featured in CONNECTOGRAPHY.

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