Daughter’s Dilemma – A Book Summary by the Author

by Janet White

This article is a review of the book “Daughter’s Dilemma” written by Janet White.

Author says the following about the origin of her story “In my novel, “Daughters‟ Dilemma”, the heroine, an archaeologist, stumbles upon the secret of the Phoenix – that the legendary bird is somehow embodied by famous women leaders of history, first Dido and then Joan of Arc, and ultimately Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, all of whom perished in the flames. In this way my book about women scientists and their careers took on elements of the mystery stories beloved of my youth and acquired an Indian setting. The section in Cambridge and the concept of letters between a mother and daughter have some autobiographical elements too. Other themes include the many references to birds and also the descriptions of food, which extends to recipes in the back. You could say that this book contains many facets of, and takes inspiration from many elements of my own life and experience.”

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