Young Women Scientist – A bright future of the Americas

So this book was produced by Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences and represents the Academies of Sciences of all of the Americas, from Canada all the way down to Chile, including the Caribbean. This publication was produced in the hope that the careers profiled will encourage more young women to consider a career in science.

Some may feel that it is an impossible dream, that the obstacles are too overwhelming and that too much must be sacrificed to achieve a career in science. But consider the stories of the bright and vital women profiled here. They have blazed a path that you too can follow. The ultimate reward is a rich and fulfilling life.

The qualities and experiences of the women profiled in this book, represent the spirit of science and they summarize our hopes for the future. But women are still seriously underrepresented in science careers and society is failing to realize the full potential of our greatest resource – human talent and the creativity of women and men.

Download the IANAS book-Young-Women-Scientists – A Bright Future for the Americas